things from the not so distant past

I've been digging up some of my stuff from when I was in Baltimore. I was trying to look for something else but ended up looking at my old stuff one by one, piece by piece. It was quite fun doing so. I actually am not done yet as I just started with it. I saw some baseball cards, movie tickets (a bunch of them in a small box), pictures, little notebooks, the like.

It was nice seeing them again and getting to think of all those things. The best thing about it is that most are still fresh in my mind. What I'd like to find next are those tickets to baseball games, that pre-season Ravens ticket (oh wait, i have it inside a book. never mind.), the US Open ticket (washed by the rain, though I have it in my external hard drive). Some things pretty much sum up my existence and those couple of papers or what not's, tell a story of my history and describes me in more ways than I know to describe myself.

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