I Know Better

 From: +63-933-2328792

Congratulations! U have won 300k Pesos+Fortuner car, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Feb.26,2011 for info:Call dis no:09332328792 Dir: Jay Flores of Phil:Com.Center

If I was desperate in life, I would've hurriedly dialed the number. Who doesn't like to get prizes? Who doesn't like to get 300k and a twin to our car? But because in each passing day I have received a similar text message or that South African widow email, I know how to deal with these stuff. I shrug it off my system.

This time, I decided to blog about it coz I Googled the info here. There's that "Jay Flores" and that "Phil:Com.Center" which seem to make this message quite legit. But before you hit the search button, here's my advice, read the message again.

(1) Think about Feb. 26, 2011. Did you ever join a contest recently that you had to leave your cellphone number? In my case it was a no-brainer since the number that this message landed on was my work number, and I never give out my work number when it is for anything personal (say raffles, signing up for memberships, etc.) For those who don't even watch shows that asks you to text in this keyword and send to this number, then you're probably off the hook as well. In case you're not in any of the previous no-brainer situations, I suggest do the next one.

(2) Is the grammar correct? "U have won 300k Pesos+Fortuner car, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Feb.26,2011" to correct: You won 300K and a Fortuner car in a (raffle) last 2/26/11. Your (sim?) phone number was picked as a homepartner... etc. A legitimate message from a legitimate company would proofread the messages that they deliver twice or thrice and it will not be in the hands of just one person but of several, even a team.

(3) I dont even watch game shows, how can I be a homepartner?

(4) Then enter Google. Type in any keyword from the message then hit search. There you will find out that you are not the only one these guys are trying to get money from. This site was a big help in explaining the modus operandi for these schemes: http://www.wazzupmanila.com/protect-yourself-from-fraudalent-promos/92/

(5) If you realized how bad that you fell for this thing only to find out that Google has the answer, then you should have your EQ checked.

My purpose here is to add exposure to these things. It is as bothering as someone sending you a message that this is their new "roaming" number and that they will be needing help to reload their prepaid credits. This is sickening and we as the public and consumers should expose these things and yes, report them to the authorities.

There are a lot of people out there who are desperate to get money or (in form of) prepaid credits from you, be warned, be aware. Report to the authorities as soon as you get these types of messages.

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