Disappointing Emirates

My Uncle together with the rest of the family just arrived from Turkey. The unpleasant news that came with it is that they cannot find my Uncle Jhun's luggage.

maybe it got stuck on the belt? wait for it.

Then after an hour, the family reported to us that they've reported the lost baggage and that it was left on the process.

They had a stopover in Dubai plus 3 hours delay, how dumb that it was left there given that ample time?

Then my aunt called again, no it wasnt left in Dubai, IT WAS LEFT IN TURKEY!!!!


dear Emirates, I am making this as a blog post because if you play something stupid here, then I've got the whole world looking at you. I will not stop posting here and on my other social networking sites unless my Uncle receives his baggage on time, and I'm giving a 24 hour ultimatum here. If in 24 hours we do not receive it, you've not seen the rest of my wrath here.

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