Dr. Jose Rizal

The Philippines is celebrating Rizal Day today. Dec 30th is the day when Dr. Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal was shot in Bagumbayan which is now known as Luneta Park. He is the Philippine national hero for he fought against Spanish occupation by acquiring knowledge that the foreigners can give him, and fought with his mighty quill pen and wrote powerful novels and other materials that the Spanish deemed subversive.

I am a fan of Rizal because I love reading "Noli Me Tangere". i have three copies of "Noli", an easy reading from High School, another Filipino version i picked from the bookstore, and the nicest and my favorite one which is my college book that is in English. the English version had more power for me when I read it. oh yeah! I also have a comic book version of "Noli". Its been a while that I've read it (say, four years), and I am quite disappointed that I was not able to bring that book when I came here to MD. If u get to see a copy of that book, try to read it. It is a nice piece of art that will surely get you hooked. its sequel, "El Filibusterismo" is a wonderful book as well, but not as much as "Noli". Comparably, "Noli" has a better structure and with more compassion. "El Fili" has more grit and emotions to its story, and it has a direct approach on being subversive, i might say.

(Found a link to the whole book, they said. i haven't read it so I'm curious how they translated it. http://www.fullbooks.com/The-Social-Cancer.html)

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