i have forced my shoes to an early retirement, i realized as i walked the crazy sidewalk in the middle of Ortigas beside EDSA that it has to retire before it breaks down and lose its wonderful life in infinite sadness.

for all the long walks, the short walks, the lazy walks, the fast walks.
for all the jeans, the work pants, the reds, blues, whites, blacks
for all the traveling around the streets of Manila, to crossing the lanes of Ortigas
the strolls around Baltimore City and running with the crowd in New York City
or the feel of walking high in DC.
from the malls to the halls of the lower house
and basically, just for all the stress that i gave you, thank you.

and now, as i set the shoes back on the rack, i welcome a new pair of black shoes. Crocs (registered trademark) is a good pair for my feet, especially when they're a little high. its level, its comfort is something i trust when i walk around a lot. in my job, i do walk around a lot, and using this pair would surely help me... hopefully.

i'll tell you more later updates about my new pair.

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