law... and order

 ive been hooked once more to Law and Order. Its fun watching them solve cases by piecing one event to another, one item to the other. its crazy.

then ive realized that this isnt coz i want to be a lawyer. Law and Order, White Collar, and even House is all about investigating. Trial and error and all those stuff. I wanted to be an investigative reporter originally, but growing up I took a lot of detour.

now im in legislative work, something ive been enjoying and learning to love more day by day. the thing about it is that i try to put it together with the investigative instincts that i like most. maybe its not even investigative instincts, its the whole connect the dots thing, or maybe its the whole creating logic to everything that happens. i think it even means the same to my previous phrase.

Every morning, I wake up extra early just to get to work. its not entirely coz of my slow poke tendency, or my inability to fix my stuff the night before, its because when i wake up, my TV is on, and when i bump into my favorite shows, i cannot move from where i am anymore. whether its about the law or the order, its a vague line, coz all i know is that i enjoy watching them and solving those cases with them.

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