the toy shop

i went to the toy store with the family today. we were getting a gift for my cousin who's celebrating his birthday soon. as soon as i got into the store, i felt this familiar aura that never dies. i felt like a kid.

i strolled around the racks looking at the dolls they have, but i did that in passing. when i was a little kid, i surely have been a fan of those Barbie dolls and the like, but when I grew up, and had a baby brother, I was inclined to having those boy stuff. I've become the robots and cars kind of girl (though FYI: i had matchbox cars, a robot taller than Barbie, and R/C cars to name a few when i was young).

I got to the boys section of the store where the cars, action figures, robots, and those other new ones are. I saw some awesome Gundam figures I've not seen before (some of the boxes look much authentic and better than those we have at home), the Bey Blade toys and stadiums that have been revamped since seven years ago, and some other toys there. What caught me though are the huge boxes of Star Wars toys and a race car track from Hot Wheels which was a replica from that Toy Story scene when Buzz rode a matchbox car and went on a loop. It was awesome I wanted it. Then I saw an F1 Ferrari replica car. I've always been a sucker for that. die cast, 1:18 scale model of that cool red car. I wanted a whole collection of that ever since, like a whole glass case of that. it was on sale but i didnt get one coz it seemed like the windshield material they used was of poor quality. i think it was low class plastic. it didnt make the whole package. bummer.

so i have now some items on my toy shopping list. to get a VERY GOOD quality of die cast Ferrari, a Hot Wheels with Buzz Lightyear, that huge Star Wars box (that seems to have a universe), and order an Oriole Potato Head for me. That's just some of those I can think of right now...

PS: Saw the REAL Iron Man Potato Head. Thinking of getting one.... =D

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SoNSo1 said...

Any nendoroids?

m a r g e said...

None. They have those other anime figures but I didn't find them cute.