Orioles baseball August 28, 2010

Just heard that Bergy and the Orioles won again. Woohoo! I’d love to see one of his games soon.

It has been a struggle since he came back this season. Two (or three) trips back to AAA and having been the epitome of 2010 Trembley era Orioles has been what comprised him. Knowing that Bergy has had solid winning games, plus a a good run support from the rest of the team, makes me joyous and hopeful that this continues and does not get hindered by a ridiculously painful injury again such as last year’s.

Congratulations Bergy, keep it up! Hope you or Matusz can get a shut out soon. =)

In other news, Jonesy was supposed to be back today on the lineup but wasn’t. That hit from who ever that pitcher from White Sox was caused such pain to Jonesy and it’s a pain, as a fan to know he cannot play yet because of that. Remember last year? Around this time Jones had to be put on DL. We cannot have that again. We need healthy players especially a healthy Adam Jones.

Luke Scott was part of Bleacher Reports’ top 10 could be MVP’s for this season but do not get recognized. Luuuuke this season, for me, has not been too different from Luke last year. But I guess the homer jacking (no pun intended) Luke caught their eyes with that. Though I must reserve my other comments to myself because this is regarding Luke and it doesn't sound good. (FYI: LS was #8 & Ryan Zimmerman of the Nats was #7.)

Hope that Nolan Reimold gets back in shape. I miss him now. He’s still on AAA assignment I think. He’s one of those guys who I hope can turn this organization around. He was almost Rookie of the Year last year but cut short due to injury prevention rehab, so if that’s the case, this guy is someone we should really put our hopes to. Yeah? Yeah!

Just found out that BriBob and the words “day to day” has been put together again. Hope he gets better soon too. I miss watching him. He’s always been the guy I look forward to seeing during baseball games! Aaah… B-Rob. September is fast approaching with two series against the Yankees. I want to see my boys play during these games, hoping that I will be able to watch them since my ESPN *L*O*V*E*S* the Yankees and YES Network. With that premise, I do hope to get to catch some Orioles baseball under Buck “Yeah!” Showalter during these times.

I’m writing all these coz I want to. I need to write something about baseball. That’s all to it. Oh and of course, when they get to the World Series, I have something on my journal that I can look back to.

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SoNSo1 said...

Even Bob will get to see the Orioles play.

m a r g e said...

Am I supposed to be jealous?

Dang! I am!

SoNSo1 said...

Yes, you should be. The dude doesn't even live on the East coast and he seems to make it to a game a year.

Ha. Ha.

Hope that they do show the NY-Baltimore game on television.

They are playing decent ball right now though. One more win and they escape August with a winning record. It's been a long time for that.

m a r g e said...

Should I get a ticket now? That'll be easy to do but a schedule won't be easy. Haha!

SoNSo1 said...

sure. I still have tix in September

m a r g e said...

Great. Now to get back there... Hahahaha!!! Is there a bus going to Baltimore? =p

SoNSo1 said...

Mega Bus. $1!