my unsolicited opinion on an issue

i posted this on my Twitter using Twitlonger and since this is a blog post in itself, it needs to be posted here too. this is my view about Bro. Armin Luistro, currently appointed as the Education secretary and former President of the De La Salle University system, my alma mater. Anyone who knows me that I've not always been supportive of what Bro. Armin has supported, but in this case, I understand his reaction with the issue. It might not have been a favorable reaction to media men, but it doesn't mean that he isn't right in reacting that way.

"Not coz I'm a La Sallian, I'm giving reason out of Bro. Armin's action during his media interview on his first day on the job. But I think it isn't right that Bro. Armin should be singled out, or persecuted, for his blunt reaction when asked by the media for his comment re: sex education. He shared his thoughts to the media, and to all of us, because for him who comes from both the academe and the Church, it isnt right that we try to witness two factors of society clash into each other and enjoy the fight going on. Bro. Armin, being from both sectors, is left to understand each side and each point that needs to be understood and evaluated in order to know how to execute a move and finalize a decision on the issue. The media might have seen this part of the interview as overbearing and snobbish, yet they've forgotten that before this, they were able to speak to him in a nice manner."

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