I miss baseball

I do miss baseball, but most importantly, I miss the W's.

No, I don't have a different baseball team right now.

W's stand for Wins, and I miss the feeling of winning. The Orioles games have been making me and everyone else cry. We haven't encountered a lot of wins, and we crave each one of them. When the O's win, we savor them (savor 2 wins out of 14 games, thats great). How I wish we can be like last year at least, but we're worse than last year. The Astros at least have 3 wins now. The Mets have 5 wins (a lil better off than us), the Pirates have 7 wins (for crying out loud). The Orioles, Ive got to say, is at the slumpiest I can imagine. oh have mercy!

We dont have a star closer to blame right now. We don't have a highest paid player to blame even. We have to point it to a collective reason why there are no wins. We have limited pitching power, we have problems with our batters. No one can drive themselves back to the home plate even, and I dont even know for what reason this is happening.

Before the end of last season, we had a start to the "new" Trembley approach. Is this still part of it, coz even last season, that Trembley approach didn't work. That was the time we had a 12 game losing streak. Don't we get a trend to this?

I miss Bergesen, Reimold, Scott, Markakis, and Jones. If they can even be the slightest of themselves last year, that would be really nice. But this is not the Bergesen we knew from May-July 2009. This is not the Reimold we saw who was running for Rookie of the Year last season. This is not the Scott before All-Stars. This is not Markakis who had the eagle eye and can bat with sure power. This is not the Golden Glove/ All-Star CF Jones. This is a messed up team who seemed to come from the minors, and we are the worst in MLB rankings right now.

Besides these, our problem lies with us earning more injuries and players on DL. Roberts, Tejada, Pie, and even Gonzo all are out of shape at present. This is what's contributing to the great Orioles fall. Its the saddest song that we'll ever hear all season.

We've just begun but it is giving all concerned the desperation and anxiety to at least do something good, something better. Is it a curse? I hope not. Is it a type of mismanagement? Maybe. Is it a feeling of being crapped out or intimidated? I hope not. It's just begun and unless the Orioles do something to get things better, this season will be a LONG season.

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SoNSo1 said...

I have twelve tickets if you would like. They're making me apprehensive about the whole ball game.

m a r g e said...

I miss it but u think this is absolutely not the best time to buy those tix, huh? What happened to our dear Orioles!?!?

SoNSo1 said...

They aren't playing baseball that's for sure.