I'm an absolute sucker for desserts and drinks, and this time, it has brought me to the perfect place to get it. "Cocktales" is located at the fifth floor of the SM Megamall Atrium, in Mandaluyong City. It was recommended by a couple of lifestyle shows and websites, and after walking around the nearby Megatrade Hall for a business fair, "Cocktales" was the best place to hang out and satisfy your curiosity.

It was a small space for a hang out place, yet it was designed to be posh and a little fancy. The mall provides free wifi and the signal is pretty good at that area. You walk up to the counter and you are offered a menu of their items. There are pastas, sandwiches, and warm plate snacks. Then of course their main items: Desserts and Drinks.

Drinks vary from Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks. Cold drinks are further categorized between stirred and shaken. Since I am trying this place alone, I decided to order a drink and a dessert. And so they say "STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards.", and I was utterly stressed with what to order. I flipped the menu several times and landed on the most interesting ingredient: LYCHEE. Thus I ordered a Vanilla Lychee Margarita.

SO they thought that I was not looking for a "drink". When choosing your cold drinks, you can also opt to have a "virgin" or spiked, and at 230pm, they thought I would want my drink without any alcohol. But by the looks of it, you would think that taking out the alcohol would be a good choice anyway. Vanilla flavor, milk, lychee, and lychee extract mixed with crushed ice. As much as I enjoyed the drink, I realized that my second order was not necessary. For one, The margarita had a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the middle, and second, mixing milk to it, thus creating a thick consistency makes it eligible to be a dessert by itself. Saying that, I would say yes that I did order a dessert, and its called Mango Bananarama.

picture courtesy of Cocktales' website The lady asked me if I wanted the dessert to be shared, and since I'm alone, I said no (of course!). Mango Bananarama is a mix of mango slices, banana slices, tapioca balls, and rice balls on crushed ice with milk also. It was truly wonderful to the taste, except its not good when you previously downed a margarita. What I did was to have it wrapped instead, and went on to go around the mall. After two hours, I got to taste it with its ice melted and mixing with the rest of the mixture. The fruits and chewy balls were still delectable though, and the amount of dessert was not good for only one person! Thus I was able to bring home some.

Price wasn't too bad for a working middle class, yet other people might be held back with going into this dimly lit with nice modern furniture place. Also, the location was pretty secluded for a new place like this. Though on second thought, if you want to chill out anyway, would you go to a crowded location. My other problem though was the service staff. The smallest table that they have was beside the counter, and so that's the spot I chose to sit down and write some notes from the business fair. Every moment that they can, they ladies were singing loudly some tunes and talking to each other about their personal lives. The girl on the cashier was singing a song while assisting getting a customers change while the customer was in front of her. Call me conservative, but I think that's not how you entertain us.

Overall, because of what they can offer, I am certainly going back to this place. Next week maybe I can head out here again after a sumptuous lunch, but that is another story for me to tell next time.

For more information, you can visit their website http://cocktales.multiply.com/

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