Bergy's been disappointing. I miss Bergy from last year. Today, amongst his faults from his last couple of starts, Bergy gave up 7Runs on the 3rd inning. What can we do about this?

Here are the posts I made about him last year. I miss praising him, cheering for him, and considering him as the next best thing in the Orioles organization.



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SoNSo1 said...

We won't be seeing Bregesen for a month or so. Thank, god. He was blowing things up. Hope he finds his form in the minors.

m a r g e said...

He hopefully gets his confidence back. That's what's lacking from him accdg to him. How can u not be confident after Spring Trainjng? Why did he get injured last year? I hope that never happened so hopefully we still have this healthy Bergy pitching. Darn!