Brad Bergesen

Orioles @ Nationals, originally uploaded by Margeeboo.

since the season is over for the Orioles, i feel like i still have a hang-over. i think ive not been alone in feeling that way, coz there are a whole lot who still savor this almost 100 loss season to its fine points. what makes me miss most are some of the players who i didnt get to see until the end of the run. one of which is my bet for pitching, Brad Bergesen. last July, after a batted ball hit him on the left shin that placed him in such pain and a DL after which. when this happened, it made me absolutely sad, because just around that time when i really got into being a fan of Brad, more than any other pitcher in the roster. if all rookie pitchers were like how Brad does it, then i know now what it means for the Orioles to have hope.

This picture though was taken when i wasnt supporting Brad yet. My pitcher that time was still J. Guth, plus Brad was relatively new in the rotation that he was limping in his performance. In this game, i was disappointed with him after he gave up runs in the 5th inning, but come to think about it, this dude also can hit! as i look back at the game day summary, i remember how this rook managed to have a hit at his three times on the plate.

all im saying is this, i support Brad Bergesen. please come back healthy and strong in 2010. =D

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