O's 7 - Royals 3

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i watched today's day game at home, for most part while eating lunch and washing the dishes. im getting to be a fan of Brad Bergesen now that i wanted to get done with yard work (at around 1235) as fast as i could just so i can watch the game right away. i ate lunch and started watching the game that was on 1 run at that time, which at that time was pretty slow still. i was washing a pot when Huff made his 3 RBI hit, that was for me short of a homer. i smiled too much since then. I can never get tired of watching them when they make things like this get crazy. oh well! unfortunately, or not, i was not able to see when Bergesen was hit on the leg that caused his injury. its saddening me, and i hope that once he recuperates, he gives us the same pitch, the same play that he's been giving us. i just want to see him in more games. he's the one of the best rookie of the year prospects, before i can even think of the name Nolan Reimold. for me with Bergesen given this difficult task, he is much more deserving to get into ROY's than Nolan, or if they can give it to both, i sure wouldn't mind.

Other news is that trade deal leads George Sherrill towards the LA Dodgers side. I haven't read what Alyssa Milano has to say about that, but i'm saddened by this news. I've been starting to like Sherrill, minus times when he cannot just close it good, but the other thing is that they are putting "my boy" Jim "JJ" Johnson in his place. SUCKS!!! EPIC FAIL!!! i dunno tho, but i dont trust JJ so much because he gives up a lot of runs. he pitches balls too high also leading to Balls, and it just plain sucks! I'm hopeful JJ would improve and try to work it out then.

PS: Did u see Nolan Reimold's brother John? he's a basketball player in Luxembourg, tall, and such a cutie. (*_*)

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