rants for today: service staff

(1) i started going to the gym the other day. i was an energizer bunny and i was in high spirits. since its my re-enrollment in that gym, i have 3 free PT sessions so that they can give me a program. i didnt make a schedule ahead of time so i made an appointment for the following day. they asked me if it will be my first time to go to the gym, and i chuckled saying, "its my first time in a long time." i must admit, last time i was in that gym was almost 5 years ago (Dec 05 was the last one, i believe). then they looked at each other and gave that annoying smirk that meant like, "man! she's not been here in a long time. that's why." that look actually pissed me off. that wasn't the first time anyone on that gym did that. a few weeks back, another lady staffer did the same thing after i told them when my last visit to that gym was. annoying.

(2) i went to this nice japanese place to get myself some lunch. it was in a quiet side of the mall, the food has always been good, and the price is affordable. so i went in and there were 4 tables occupied. each table had some company, and i was rather alone. the server took 2 minutes before she handed the menu to me, and she looked and sounded rather annoyed that i was alone, that i asked what the contents of a Nabeyaki Udon is, and that i didnt order any drinks. but come to think about it, my meal ended up with 225 pesos, a good sum for a place like that and for eating alone. besides the Nabeyaki Udon, i had a very good Salmon Temaki. the Salmon Temaki itself is 100pesos already. what more is she asking for? i was thinking. my udon came and the other lady, the pregnant one, almost slid the bowl on my table. i just closed my eyes and thank the heavens that it didnt spill on me and that i have patience. the only nice person in that place was the manager. she was courteous and friendly.

(3) i went to get some desserts for home. it was after the usual break time/ rush hour in fast food. i wanted to take home some cake slices because i missed black forest and sylvannas, and i wanted to try that white forest cake. so i ordered from the lady who, even before i came up to the register, was asking her manager to teach her some things on computing something (or whatever). the lady on the register was nice, the manager gave an annoyed look when i had to take some of their time so that i can place my order. it was too apparent as he wasnt even happy that there was someone wanting to buy from them. he did the same thing with the two other customers after me.

its so good that i get to sleep (even if it isnt such good sleep), i get to wake up, i get to be happy. i dont want to be like any of those people. i hope that i may be given a lot of patience or if not, then a calm spirit to voice out the problems when it needs to be addressed.

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