Avatar again...

so yeah, i at last got to watch Avatar again. with a caramel macchiatto and a big bag of popcorn, i journeyed to Pandora with "JakeSully" once more. this time in a downgraded version. 3D only, not IMAX. bad? wasn't expecting it to be bad really, but i was headed for something worse.

so i sat there with my goggles. i know i cannot feel like im trapped inside the ship with the earthlings, but man! i felt like in a pirated 3D version of the movie. for one thing, i cannot get into the 3D experience when i can see all the pixels, lines, and shadows of it being 3D. its like that 3D ride in Ocean Park circa 95. u can see the images chasing you but the "real life" experience of watching this movie, in all the glory that it should be giving, wasnt given justice. i blame right now the lighting. bad lighting on the screen or is it the projector that caused this movie to suck. it seems to be on negative contrast that u miss out on the beautiful blue Na'vi creatures, or the green-ness of the trees, or the bright lights that light up Neytiri and Jake's path, man! missed that, and everyone else in that theater cannot appreciate the whole hoolabaloo on this movie because of that projection. caused me 3Advils and a freakin headache still. darn it.

otherwise tho, this movie experience was good also coz my brother was as amazed as i am, and he was quiet (and he helped me finish that popcorn which i never thought would be done).

PS: there was this scene in the middle of the movie that i laughed because there was something rather odd or funny that popped out on the background. unless i get to remember and describe what it was, i shall never be able to tell u right now what it is. =D

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