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hello world!

i am alive and kicking. yeah! its been a week and a half since i left the land of the free, and ive been feeling like its been forever. time has been slow and ive been gaining weight. ugh! or thats how i feel it to be. my clothes dont say it but my whole body feels like it. i feel like im in this state of calm that i dont really want and need. the only calm i need is passing out after shots. SHOTS!!!

ok. calm down. thats the deprived fish talking.

things have been too calm that ive been to the salon twice in one week, have had 4 massages the past 10 days, and i will be having my dermatology appointment this week. what have i been doing? geez! the past 10 days also included cooking breakfast at 430 am, sleeping at 10pm, and taking a shower for an hour complete with body scrubs, exfoliators, and hair treatments. for the next 48hours, i cannot wash my hair (major ugh!) because my hair has all these harmful chemicals to make it straight and black. u should see my hair, its too nice i cant believe it.

im jobless at this point. bummer. and i have to pay 3K for a cellphone bill that ive accumulated for 10days? wtf? Php1,768 is for Value Added Tax. Php 800 ++ for being stupid and going overboard with my internet bill. i need to hold off tweeting then. efffff!!!

i missed two Ravens games though the last crucial one was a bummer. i will be missing the Orioles fan fest. i will not see Brad Bergesen who might be written in my stars. who knows, right?

my weekends have been bummers. my parents are on my tail too much. bummmmmmmerrrrr. this is getting tiring.

the only positive note is that my brother is as tall as me and we've been poking each other on the side tickling each other. he's the reason i am here.... i think.

smiles everyone, and when u raise your glass and say cheers, think of me. i wanted to drink with u, u know. =D

--- fish tank---

6 R a v e s:

SoNSo1 said...

Hey did we watch that movie, PostGrad, together?

I saw something about it on Fox Movie Channel and swear to god I saw it, but I didn't even blog about.

Did we?

Or was it with my moms?

m a r g e said...

we watched Post Grad. it was one of the funny dramas ever. hihihi! what did they show on Fox?

SoNSo1 said...

What when? I don't have it as a review.

It came out in Aug 21, but I don't think we saw it that week or if we did I don't know why I didn't blog it.

m a r g e said...

i didnt even notice u didnt blog about it. i thought u did.

Aug 26. i gave it 2 stars. i dont remember most of the story at this time.

m a r g e said...

or maybe the 23rd. 26th is a Wednesday.

SoNSo1 said...

Well we did go to VA Beach that weekend so I probably forgot. I thought I did post something quick. Might not have