Before I got my Macbook, I was in the mercy of notebooks that has all the stories and thoughts of me back in '06. Thoughts on being in a "strange" place, of missing home, of what I have been doing, of what I want to do, of the last movie I saw, the CD im listening to, so on and so forth. These made me think of how different I have become after all those months (I'd like to say months since years are shorter). What does make people different anyway? That I have to figure out still.

Would you believe that I have three notebooks just for 2006? I'm just throwing that fact.

It's fun reading these things again though. I still have some of my writings back like 10 years ago too, and its fun to read because besides pointing out the differences, you get to know yourself more and the progression in your life (besides the progression in grammar). Its funny though how some of my thoughts are quite the same. Like the little schoolgirl giggles that I do when I write, it still is funny when I read it. It's like reading the a book from the Love Story series.

That's why I keep journals. Handwritten journals, as opposed to blogs allow you to scribble your thoughts as well. Just throw in random words and your curse words, and you're good to go. With blogs, you think about the other people who will be reading it. Handwritten journals are the real you because you are more carefree to write and write down what you are thinking.

I still have a journal, I just don't get to write much on them as I used to. I should start doing that again.

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SoNSo1 said...

I considered my blog somewhat of my journal. A little bit of twitter without the unnecessary character limit. My blog though does give an account of what I thought on that day or that week or that month. It's always so cool to go back and read past posts.

m a r g e said...

Blog has become a journal too, yes, but it still feels different. I don't care about what I say when writing on my journals. With this, I still have to think or consider my audience (as small a population they are that includes my mom). Though either way, I like writing and both mediums allow me to write, so its good.