future? what future?

i just had one of the most irritating IM's with a friend. ive not talked to her in a while and she asks me why im going back home. i tell her why, and she asks me repeatedly, "are u serious?" or "would u even want to vote for him?" i told her what i was honestly thinking, but i was getting really pissed. then she asks me why im doing this? do i want to be a politician? or to be a president? I said, no, but i'd like to be an appointed official in the future. and she asks, like who? and im like thinking, am i not being appointed so i just have to fit the bill? but later on i thought, i should just get this whole conversation out of my face really. so i replied "dude, i dont need to think about that right now. and thats what im trying to get into (career field). if i want to be selfish, i will do things to make myself get into it and do what i want." she only said OK and didnt talk to me again. I did make my point I guess.

what irritates me is that she wanted me to tell her what my future is and she gives me a judgmental rebuttal. what the heck? for one, I am not telling u what my future is, I am telling u what I want my future will be. Those are my goals im trying to lay out, get that?

oh and its 3am. that makes me not want to talk to u all the more.

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