"Cory Magic"

with the passing of former Philippine president Corazon Aquino, i saw that the "Cory Magic" was relieved. i was deeply touched by those who showered the streets with yellow confetti, and everyone who stretched their arms and held out a letter L with their fingers, symbolizing "Laban" or "fight!". The "Cory Magic" will live on, that's for sure, but the "laban" that we are on, what is it really about though?

are we fighting for what is right or just? or are we fighting to gain power that we want?

i hope that the "Cory Magic" will be an inspiration to fight for our country, for its betterment, and not to just merely support the next politician, a traditional politician (Tra-Po or "rag") who will use the "Cory Magic" to their advantage. i hope that actually no one will use the "Cory Magic" or Cory's legacy to their personal advantage to achieve the power that they want. Mahiya naman kayo! (Be ashamed of yourselves!) its time for the Philippines to have a change for its betterment, and not to disobey and disappoint the legacy that former President Cory Aquino had lived for.

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Let's all work together to continue with what President Aquino has started, and make her as our inspiration to continue her dreams and goals.

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