sleeping early + busy head = weird dreams

the bad thing for me about sleeping early is that i wake up 30 divided by 6 times the whole night, that is besides the fact that i set up my alarm to wake me up every thirty minutes since 4am. on this fateful day, before my history test, doing 30 minute increments on my alarm did not work its best. usually i get up on the second alarm. this time, i woke up at 7 still. it felt like i had a long night, and my busy brain should be blamed for it. between maybe freaking out about the history test and what not, the busy brain just had a lot of things going on.

my first dream was something i cannot remember fully except for one thing: a rabbit. according to my dream, i was lying on my left side and had the comforter over my head. then i peaked out and saw a rabbit. scared of the rabbit that looked heavy, i put the edge of the comforter back to my head. then just as what i was scared of, i felt a heavy weight on my right arm to which at this point, i woke up. first thing i did was check if there was really a rabbit on top of the comforter. of course there was none, and it was only... 1223am, 1hr and 23mins since i slept (or around that time).

my second dream came as a series. my freaky dreams usually come in a series. setting was like that lifted from my history book, but that part where my history professor has not discussed yet, with characters from real life. there was too much chaos in that dream, many bodies cut into half (ugh!), and all of us crying while going down the stairs and seeing more and more of this. it was morbid, really bad. it was a long dream but i cannot tell in much detail what the dream was about. its like watching a war movie, basically, only you get to feel the story so much.

i didnt even watch anything besides Mamma Mia yesterday.

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One Little Seedling said...

Rabbit? Great... I hope a jet engine doesn't fall on our house. Someone's gonna have to find the wormhole...


m a r g e said...

i cannot stop laughing the whole day thinking about this. one of the good things that brightened up my day. rabbit. =)