My Australian Open Men's Finals Notes: Second Set

Second Set
Federer 1 - Nadal 0
Roger does his ace 4 and 5 here.
Federer 1 - Nadal 1
(i didnt get to pay attention. making hot cocoa)
Federer 2 - Nadal 1
sweetness! 40-0!
Federer 2 - Nadal 2
Nadal makes his first ace. Federer seems to have some mental struggle, especially after his challenge.
Federer 2 - Nadal 3
good inside court play, but you see Federer on his mental struggle again. sadly.
Federer 3 - Nadal 3
this is the Nadal struggle seen now. back to back errors including a double serve fault.
Federer 4 - Nadal 3
Federer gets back to his game.
Federer 5 - Nadal 3
Nadal does a good calculation of Federer's range, but Federer answers him with a good calculation as well. Nadal makes ace #2. good Federer defense.
Federer 6 - Nadal 3
this is where Federer shows that he has control of his territory, he has control of his range, and that he is taking advantage of being on the offense.

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