My Australian Open Men's Finals Notes: First Set

First Set
Federer 0 - Nadal 1
this has got to be the worst ive seen Federer. or something like that. but double faults? seriously? made me sad.
Federer 1 - Nadal 1
u feel the intensity on this set. and its so long. 4 Deuces! not good for someone who slept for 1.5 hours.
Federer 2 - Nadal 1
and Feds makes an ace!
Federer 2 - Nadal 2
unforced errors again
Federer 3 - Nadal 2
Federer challenges a point given to Nadal because he was right, dude! that ball was out! so he got his point for that. and after a deuce, Federer got sealed the deal with an ace.
Federer 4 - Nadal 2
that backhand was perfect, Roger! it looked like the ball curved around Rafa and make its way to be inside the court. sheesh! astonishing!
Federer 4 - Nadal 3
what happened there?
Federer 4 - Nadal 4
forehand sucked it. it got him into an error. (for RF)
Federer 5 - Nadal 4
unforced error on Nadal. you can feel that Roger is getting into Rafa's nerves (and vice versa).
Federer 5 - Nadal 5
Roger is so fluid, and the form always amazes me.
Federer 5 - Nadal 6
that was a good inside shot, Roger! getting Rafa unaware. but that was a good inside shot too, Rafa! it was pretty much "in your face" shot there.
Federer 5 - Nadal 7
what can i say? im broken.

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