My Australian Open Men's Finals Notes: Third to Fifth Set

Third Set
Federer 0 - Nadal 1
revenge of the rafa nadal. he had control of the ball.
Federer 1 - Nadal 1
Ace #7, and good inside court range for Roger Federer.
Federer 1 - Nadal 2
game has been running for two hours now (thats why ive been yawning). sucha fan fare to watch these two. they closed in court and volleyed short range, that made things interesting.
Federer 2 - Nadal 2
Nadal turns defense to offense, damn. ace #8 for roger.
Federer 2 - Nadal 3
yes...oh! damn! Nadal got that shot! eeesh! and a double fault for Nadal again. either way, he got this rally.
Federer 3 - Nadal 3
a hard first serves for Federer.
Federer 3 - Nadal 4
more good rallies
Federer 4 - Nadal 4
just as Nadal feels some pain on his legs, Federer has been taking advantage of it
Federer 4 - Nadal 5
good offense for Nadal, except that time where they ended up with a deuce.
Federer 5 - Nadal 5
inside court, short volleys, and a slow sure shot.
Federer 5 - Nadal 6
Nadal feels the heat!
6:41 am. i stop watching the game. waiting for tracker. will update more via points.
Federer 6 - Nadal 7

Fourth Set
Federer 6 - Nadal 3

Fifth Set
Federer 2 - Nadal 6
winning point was a long shot that went outside the baseline.

PS: RF has three more chances on the finals... okay maybe two (so as to exclude the French Open again)... to be at par with the mighty Pete

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