its either my BP or i hit my head too hard

if you watched the game, i dont need to tell you why my head is spinning right now. i think tho i hit my head too hard during fourth quarter when i slapped it with my hands. both fear, frustration, and glee, the whole game ate me too much.
Ravens win, 13-10. Luck? part of it. but oh well, lets see more next week!
God bless the Ravens.

PS: the BK commercial made me crave for some greasy cheeseburger. seriously.

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SoNSo1 said...

That's just the suck!!! Wowow!!

m a r g e said...

no wait, i slapped my head, banged it backwards on the couch, threw my hands on the air, and got teary eyed. thats where my headache came from. =D