Post-Christmas Posts (2)

our friends are in the Philippines right now because a relative of theirs is getting married today. my aunt in the Philippines is also attending a wedding today. is it the same wedding? i am not sure. lets find out later. for now, i shall share something weird why i have to mention it.

two days after Christmas, the 27th, is this special day that i inducted to be the prospective day of when i want to get married. i have no clue why, neither do i have a special reason. i just want it that way... or i mean if given the chance i just want it that way. i dont like to get married on Christmas day, no special reason too, i just want it to be on the 27th, and that is regardless if it falls on a weekend (just like this year) or a weekday (just like in 2011).

so whatever, here's a site about Planning for a Wedding that is around Christmas-time.

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