thinking happy thoughts and some

ok, so at this time on weekdays, i usually have a chat session with my friend Kristina who is working at this time while i'm getting myself ready to sleep (ssshhh... dont tell her boss). today became unusually thematic as i was telling her about the giddy feeling and how i ended up falling into the sins of social networking again by stalking on someone's site just to find out how this old guy friend is doing (to which i didnt get much). its funny that in an hour, we were talking about those two who added spice to my life during those times. instead of a happy feeling tho, i missed them a bit, especially guy #2.

K: where is he?
M: there. somewhere. i dunno how he is. i lost all contact after i went here. sad, aint it?
K: yeah.
M: yeah, i miss that dude.

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