Hello Goodbye

im listening to this band called Hello Goodbye. they hail from Long Beach, CA and they've got a MySpace page (and which i do not have an account). i have their album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! on my music player and i cannot help but shake my head to the beat. they quite have this pop-ish infectious side, but they also have this mix of tunes that makes you want to listen to it more. they have this clubbing feel to their songs.

my picks are: (1) All Of Your Love (2) Here (In Your Arms) (3) Oh, It Is Love (4) Baby, It's A Fact. *and there are only 11 songs in this 2006 album, ok* its funny tho, there are two songs (All Time Lows, and Figures A and B) whose intro sounds like that song from Browser's anime mix.

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