let's just say i don't like ironing

im not a fan of ironing my clothes. i fret every time i glide the iron on cloth. when i see the laundry crease, i get uneasy. i get too obsessed with making it straight and flat that i get angry. im not sure, is it the iron? did i set the temperature right? and i keep on gliding on it until it is pretty much pressed. i hate it.

then there it happened again what i hated too. maybe its the temp, or the length of time i spent on one side, but i thought i was almost done with my shirt! then i realized at one point that im only 90 degrees, so 270 degrees of creased sides more!!! i hope i dud a good job with ironing my new dress. i had to iron clothes all because of that one dress. i hope it looks cute still.

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SoNSo1 said...

I too hate ironing, but that's because I hate wrinkles. So I iron them all out. What a pain. I just don't do it. Only when needed. Yet, that leaves a bunch of wrinkled, folded clothes. And then I curse the need for ironing.

m a r g e said...

every crease is worth five iron strokes, even the littlest one i think. for just a pair of shorts, the time it took me was like around 10 minutes which i couldve spent for something else.

i resolve to not wear that shorts much.

One Little Seedling said...

I just throw my clothes in the dryer right before I leave and wallah! Ironed!

Well... close enough anyways.

m a r g e said...

the excitement of the sizzling hot clothes from the dryer. hang or fold and voila!