when i joined Netflix, i subscribed to 1 disc at a time, unlimited. then i upgraded to 2 discs at a time unlimited. then two months ago, i downgraded to 1 disc at a time, then i went back to the most basic plan 2 discs per month. the cheapest one.

last month, as i put on my queue the whole Twin Peaks series, i increased my subscription to 1 disc at a time unlimited. that was a mistake. two weeks ago i got my rental for The Pianist and it has since been inside my drawer waiting to be opened and watched. i just wasted almost $4 for upgrading, and here i am, making that disc get some chill-out time.

so i downgraded, and added another movie on my queue, and i will wait for when the next time i shall do a rapid increase. maybe when the itch to watch is too strong.

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