*ick and dreams


i am sick. *cough, cough* (i can see Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls coughing fakely on the phone). last night, i had one of the worst headaches in a while. working + headache is not a good combination. so i was eating inside Tita's car on the way home, eating the salad from the complete meal that i have on my plate, and when i came home, went straight to my room, drank Singulair, and fell asleep. my head was really aching bad plus my sinus were acting up so much. that office has turned its heat so much that im getting congested every time that i am there. its nutsy.


i dreamt of this guy that i have not seen in ages. a guy i last saw three years ago. weird. i suddenly had him on my brain. it was a freaky scene. why? he and me together with a couple of friends on a theme park with a kid. wtf?!? a kid? and as the dream went, it looked like OUR kid. yikes! i mean! what?!?! its not the thought of having a kid in general thats weird, its having a kid with him who ive not talked to in, yes three years, that is sooo weird also! and him appearing in my dreams is also weird. weird. weird. weird.

maybe i was having high fever last night when i dreamt of him. i just didnt know that i had one? maybe he was the antibody trying to fight the virus or something, so i can get better? is he trying to communicate with me through mental telepathy? i dunno. all i know is that there were unresolved issues with him, and i guess thats what he is right now.

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