early morning post

 yes. i am still awake. ive been reading my old blogs and blog posts. ive been trying to look for inspiration for my writing. ive been trying to catch the bug that was eating me up in the past. unfortunately, i still havent got it.

i need inspiration. ideas or volunteers? haha!

2 R a v e s:

SoNSo1 said...

Didn't I give you a book last christmas with a whole bunch of ideas?!

m a r g e said...

well yeah... but i was thinking of putting some of my ideas from this blog into a research paper or a topic for my speech. thats why i kept on looking back at it. its also nice to read it coz u see the transition and the difference in your writing. how each post, essay, prose, poetry meant something at each given time. its just fun to look back to. =)