Feast of Love

 On Loving...

"Jump with your eyes open!"
--- Harry Stevenson

at first it was like the usual romantic movie we all are used to watching, but as the movie progressed, there were things that came out that are significant in dealing with love.

(1) lasting love- the grow old with u thru hell and high water love
(2) self love- getting to know who u are love
(3) wrong place at the wrong time love- when everything does not fall into place at the right time (but then they eventually found the right time)
(4) lesbian love (or gay love)- when two people of the same gender fall in love
(5) animal love- love for dogs (nothing twisted ok?)
(6) companionship- loving for friends
(7) and the love built on knowing what lies ahead, the love that u know that even death cannot break the bounds of love. and the character Chloe readied herself for this future that was hurtful yet she knew that each moment she spent with the one she loved (Oscar---the guy in the trailer who looked like Nick Carter), is something she cherished and made the most out of.

i think the last one is really nice since though they started off as the type of couple who would choose to make out and be happy, they proved everyone wrong for they had dreams set to see each other together and happy in their life. their marriage was brief, cut short by a heart attack, Chloe was able to prepare for this short life with Oscar by knowing that one of these days it will come (after also she went to a psychic who predicted that death is near). she made the most out of their life together, within two years as according to the movies timeline. they were able to give each other this kind of love that neither of them will forget... or Chloe will not forget in her lifetime.


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