The Other First Day of Class

 Tuesday, my first day of class for three subjects. Economics with concentration on Macroeconomics, Speech, and English. Economics was pretty okay... oops! i have to finish something for it. *reminder: log on to that WebCT thing* Speech was nice. uhm, i guess he is trying to establish a rapport with his students. little guessing game. it was fun. i was made to guess... ET! heck! long story, and nobody knew that Tobey Maguire was the one who played Spiderman?!? come on! well, i guess im a junkie of movies and music and some parts of sports and politics. English was an almost all-girls class. there are only 2 male species. haha! *reminder #2: make notes on that essay for Thursday's meeting.* sorry about that. i think thats the good about writing these things down, makes me be reminded of what transpired throughout the school day.

i'll get my books though on Thursday. then i went out and was going to the office. i was done with school by 205, bus comes at 240. i was impatient. i left and walked from school to the office. *ssshh!!! thats a secret!* but yes! i did it. it was ok, except that it was drizzling. i havent checked how far i was able to walk. it was fun though. i imagine myself having cramps later. i'll tell u tomorrow if i did get one. all i know is that my head is aching. now thats another story. its that office buildings fault. the heating system is messed up and the office is hot and stuffy. im crying now coz i can feel my sinuses hurting badly plus my vision is quite bad all the more, and yes, headaches... bad headaches. im gonna be taking my 5th and 6th Ibuprofen in a bit. damn!

so thats Day #2 for Spring 2008. rainy.

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You should get yourself a bike.

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