my phone freaked me out!

when u are phone dependent, rather when the phone is your easiest way to the world, then it fails, you feel like you've lost a leg. i cant think of how the world suddenly evolved to being dependent on their cellphones, when 20 years ago, i guess, when u have to meet someone, you have to say where and what time then you'll see each other there at that time. now, u cant even leave the house without it.

now that i only have a phone (since the Philippine phone set on roaming was cut off), my only way to talk to mom is thru my AT&T cellphone. For the past two days, i have been trying to get hold of her, sending her SMS every now and then, just to start up a conversation. i was in dire need to talk to her. plus, i was sending messages to a couple of people also, and the same thing... NO MESSAGES WERE COMING IN! not that i never had a day/s that i didnt receive any messages (there are times i dont get any for almost a week) so i was freaking out! is it my phone? is my phone near death? is it on CPR now? oxygen? because a couple of days back the LCD was also weird. it was like lagging. just think of you computer freezing, your desktop full of crazy pixels, and put it on a small 3 liner screen. thats how my phone looked like, and it happens when someone calls me, so when i open my phone, there are no names that appear on the screen, its the frozen time, date, and AT&T name on the screen. talk about a guessing game.

now with Seed, R, and a friend sending me a message to confirm that they were able to receive my message... i am thrilled! at least i dont have to do an emergency to AT&T and get a new phone i guess (by the way, my phone will be 2 years old this coming March). and with my mom AT LAST sending me a message... i am so ecstatic! im just so happy to receive a message from her... 3 messages with the same content. imagine! i think the network got fucked!

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