First Day Of Class... Again

Busy day at work but I had to leave early to get on a bus that was supposedly bringing me to school at 5:30pm. I was at the bus stop at 4:35, and saw the sun bid goodbye and felt the temperature drop. I felt my hands freezing as I held my phone. Thank God for my friend on the phone and the cute drug rep in the office earlier, it was making my patience expand.
So the bus was late and I got it figured right away that the bus will not arrive at Essex by 530. Such a given. So I settled down, with my buggy shades, and the IPod playing Datarock (again!) and I was trying to let myself go for a bit, but of course thinking of the recent event on buses, I kept my senses keen still. Thank God I am here typing my day to you.

Bus arrives at a little after 6. I havent been to this building where my class is, so I got lost locating the building. Good thing when I was there, there was a lady who knew that I am distressed and needs the way to go to room DS1 right away. I got into the room, wishing that I will just play lacrosse like those dudes on the court (or basketball maybe since I've not played lacrosse my whole life), and I was able to reach the class. I am late, but the professor is cool with it, and we were dismissed early, and I saw another Filipina in my class, a first in my three semesters in CCBC. Things are okay, anyway this is a once a week class. I am so happy it is that way, or else I wouldnt have signed up for this.

So on for tomorrow and the day after, and till the end of the semester. *phew!*

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SoNSo1 said...

Bus was late because of the fire on the 702.

Sorry about your class.

Tomorrow is another day.

m a r g e said...

every things okay. its just the first day blues. but it was really cool though. i dunno. thanks! =)