Snips From Today

@ somewhere early. maybe around 10am or what.
i added this list of reminders on my blog sidebar coz i must be reminded to check these pages every now and then. they are for my Econ201 class, one of my major subjects, and it has a lot of stuff that has to do with checking homeworks, doing homeworks, and being reminded of homeworks online. so i have to get used to making this as part of my browsing habit. thanks to Browser for giving me an idea about posting things on the blog. its an easier tool for blog addicts such as me.

@ 223pm
last tuesday i wrote an account on my walking expedition coz i was stubborn and impatient. right now, i am on a bus stop, the sun shining brightly. i have been here for the past 40minutes waiting for Bus #4 to show up. apparently it came by earlier than 144pm (the ETA) and earlier than 140 (the time i got here). crap! i am overly impatient still as i had plans to go do some errands before work. if not for my book bag, i wouldve done my walking again, but this bag is heavier than my overnight bag from my last trip (or even my two night bag from my last trip). so i cannot imagine myself walking with a stone at my back. damn!

@ around 245
(my brain was writing) i just got off the bus. the bus came at 241 and now i just got off the bus and i am now walking towards the office. heck! i did not enjoy this ride. waited for an hour for this 3 minute ride! less than 3 minutes even i guess. oh well! i guess i wasnt able to enjoy being out from class early. i was wishing to do more things and be able to rest before work, but i have to do my errands too and do it double time before work! well. tired. and its only the third day of class. *pfft!*

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