127 Hours

Its been a while that I've looked forward to watching a movie. Not even Harry Potter 7.1 because I knew that I was bound to see it, it was like a tradition.

"127 Hours" stars James Franco and anyone who knows me knows how much I go gaga over him. He's such a good actor that he's a rare one in this breed. In his personal life even, say credentials, he is even much rare.

What about "127 Hours"? Being it has been reviewed by a lot of people now (ie: Seed)and it has gotten really good reviews, and there came a lot of synopsis and there's also that wiki page since its a true story, the movie was still an edge of the seat, must see movie. What makes it really good anyway?

I'd say that its been a while I've seen a movie that has all the elements that makes you love a movie. Add to the spice a cute actor, James Franco was just amazing here. Every move you can feel the pain he's going through, you can feel his emotions. It was pretty raw, and I loved watching him.

The cinematic value of the movie was really good. I'm not too good with describing but when you can feel the warmth of the sun, or the roughness of the rocks, or the paranoia to Scooby Doo, or the itchiness that the black ants cause, or the rush of rain water towards the crack, or the pain of cutting through your flesh, or drinking your piss... man, that is really intense then.

Everyone needs to watch this movie if you love movies. If "The Wrestler" made me clench to my chest at every move Mickey Rourke did, "127 Hours" makes you hide behind the gaps of your fingers wanting to not see it but then you're drawn to still look at it. In every aspect I just love it and I've got to see it again.

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One Little Seedling said...

Yeah. I've watched it a couple times now. I think that's actually my favorite movie of 2010. It's definitely creeping up my all time favorites list.

m a r g e said...

Youve seen it a couple of times means this movie really got here that slow! Sad.

True Grit's interesting to watch too and I know you've seen it already. It's showing here next week! Can't believe how slow those get. I think the good ones come in slowly or just in time for Oscars.

Can't wait to get my free movie pass!