Because I'm just scared that someone will take him away

"Funny story from yesterday.

I bought new screen protector for 3GS. I usually put the protector myself but the guy insisted he'd do it for me. I handed it over but he wiped the screen loads of times that I was just looking at the phone the whole time. I'm panicking for some weird reason. Then he asked me abt apps. I said I didn't have it on jailbreak & he wanted to. But I said NO! I don't jailbreak my Macs. I panicked more when he said that. So he asked me why, I said I just don't. The real reason: it's like hurting a baby. Macs=babies. "

But I try to think about it and realize that the panic also comes from the fact that I don't lend my phone just to anyone, especially the iPhone. Though I've been having battery problems, I still love it.

And I'm using it as I type this blog post.

*** those on quotation were originally from tweets I uploaded this afternoon."

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SoNSo1 said...

Jailbreaking iPhone makes baby Jesus cry.

m a r g e said...

I know. It was plain crazy. Well why would I need to jailbreak if twitter apps are for free?