During the time I was in a religious turmoil I only had one prayer. Thank you. I always thanked Him for everything that happened in my life, whether it was good or bad, sad or joyful, big or small, I felt that everything was just something I should be thankful for and to also pay for the indebtedness of my soul for being a not complete Christian.

Then I became a follower again but this time I learned how to ask. I asked Him to light my life and my path to what is best for me. I still thanked Him as always but I asked and asked this time. I asked for a good job, I asked for enlightenment, I asked for good health for ms & my family, for a good relationship with my friends, to be driven away from temptations that my work may bring, to be kept safe from harm, to find "the right one" according to His plan. All these I ask and I'm supposed to be a believer again?

Sometimes though He tests your patience and let's you learn more. Watching "John Q" & "My Sister's Keeper" told me to ask and I shall receive it in His time, and in His will. I asked for a good man & He let's me see that there are wonderful things in life that I need to learn before it comes to me, if ever it really should come to me. And as what they say, there are three answers to your questions to God:




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