The Tourist

 I was supposed to have a meeting that got cancelled so to not waste my time in Trinoma I just went to watch The Tourist. Everyone talks about it so it was nice to just catch it. Ive not read any reviews on this movie and I'm not a fan of Jolie, but I still went to see it.

I missed the first 13 minutes coz I was late in buying the tix. I started with the part where Jolie and Depp checked in the hotel, some grande hotel even. I was struck with how visually stimulating that scene was. As they walked through the stairs to the suite, to Jolie picking up the coat, it pretty much felt like you were there. The move to the scene on the canals, to the bridge, to every brick that you see. It felt alive and you yearned to be there.

Storywise, its a different thing.

It was fast, too fast even, and I don't complain about that. It seemed like time moved fast you didn't realize it move. The problem for me with the story is how crazy it was going. Oh before I move on, this is a love story.

The story felt like i was watching "Duplicity" again but with a cheesier story. It aimed on being like Tony Gilroy where you don't know what's gonna happen next but instead we were still given the ending that we wanted. It didn't leave us hanging, but still I didn't like that coz it was still cheesy.

I dunno what I dislike about it, maybe coz I like Gilroy's movies that afterwards you end up looking at the directors name and realizing, it really isn't Tony Gilroy! But this is the same director of "The Lives of Others" an Oscar winner, a movie that i queued on my Netflix that I didn't get to watch.

Ah. Ok. That's why I don't know him that well. Basically it's a nice movie to watch so u can let the time pass by, but to really appreciate it you've got to be a fan of Jolie & Depp to really be into it.

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