As promised, "oh my freaking! I did see these movies!"

  I thought I'd never write this but I did, coz I got freaking jealous of Seed's list. I'm typing on a small keyboard so give me two minutes of your time just to read this.

I'll be listing all the movies I saw in 2010. I hope I do remember all of them. I'm doomed if I don't.

1) Valentines Day- saw it near VDay. It's no "Paris, Je' Taime" nor "He's just not that into you" but it has Jen Garner & baseball so I went to see it.
2) How To Train Your Dragon in 3D- I always forget that I've seen this movie. It's a fun movie visually but I've got a kid brother so u know why I had to see it. The kid brother got inspired to try his hand on making cartoons coz of this tho.
3) Iron Man 2- my love for Iron Man I got me to watching it. This compared to the previous one went mediocre.
4) Inception- I love Christopher Nolan so I had to go watch it. Makes sense right? I will not make a sensible review coz you'll find all my biases. Maybe.
5) Harry Potter 7.1- this is the ultimate tearjerker. I cried from scene 1 especially when Hermione had to erase traces of her on pictures. Too emotional. You can feel the tone of the story from that scene. Liked it a lot and can't wait for 7.2.

Yes, these I think are the only movies I saw. I may have forgotten something but lemme stick to these first. Overall, what I loved was "Inception", who wouldn't given that short list?

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One Little Seedling said...

Well I never saw Valentines Day.

m a r g e said...

Good. Nothing really special about it.

SoNSo1 said...

You need to get out more....

And get drunk....

We haven't had bloody marys in a while...

Or movies

m a r g e said...

My movie source right now is HBO. Sad right? And bloody mary's, I do need to get intoxicated.

Where are my buddies? Lol.