and i killed your bubble

"whats so special about it?"

oops... wrong words.

ok, so here's what happened. i've been doing older sister duties to the young boy and i was pretty tired since its late at night, and i had to repeat myself to him just for him to understand the point that his lessons have been wanting to point out, and we've been doing it for the last five hours, and i thought he has been reading his handout since this morning, and just to tell you bluntly, i've not been satisfied.

and this is the kid who just turned into a teeny yesterday. and he is making a big deal out of it.

i told him thru his birthday card that i cannot remember if i made a big deal out of being a teenager during my time. for one, it seemed like the same like last month and even yesterday, and second, now i remember what was different, it was taking charge as an older sister since he came to our lives when i hit thirteen.

and thinking about it, yes i did mature, but he kept me acting and knowing what it is to be a kid. but now, i just popped the bubble by telling him, what is so special about reaching your teenage years? seriously, what gives it that big difference?

teenage years makes us pretend that we know things when we don't. it makes us deceive ourselves into taking in charge of ourselves when we know that we're only in charge of some of our domestic needs like changing our sheets but not paying for the electricity that gets the sheets cleaned. its just not the way it is.

but there's also the fact that later on in our lives we know why things turned out that way because we look back and remember that our teenage years became our foundation to who we are at present. i mean, anything in life is like that for me. anything that i encounter is part of a continuous trial and error process, an experiment, and i get to learn more at each step.

so kid, if you read this, remember that to just enjoy your life and what you have at present, but not to forget that what you do at present builds up your future. c'est la vie!

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