How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon in 3D (Dreamworks)


We saw the 3D version coz after watching Avatar, my brother has immersed himself into researching about 3D animation. It wasn't my type of movie really as it didn't fancy my senses ever since I saw the trailer. Everyone who've seen it tweeted that they liked it a lot, and given that this is one of the rare occasions that my dad is watching with us, who am I to demand another movie?

So it got me. It got me because the 3D animation was really superb. The characters were doll-like, with hairs that looked like yarns but their skin is like human-flesh. The plants were really green and the waters were like ones you'll see on the sea. It was not completely life like since this is a kids movie, yet the background left you in awe, appreciating the art produced by the film.

The story was cute. It was full of heart since you'll see here that not all Vikings are scary warriors. Hiccup is the main character who is your uncharacteristic Viking, yet in the end he is a hero on his own right. The main character and his characteristics are not only seen thru him as a person but also thru the dragon that he got to befriend. Called by those who don't know him as the scariest dragon- the Night Fury, Toothless became the dragon counterpart of Hiccup as being the oddest kind within their group. They became fond of each other and grew to know each others lives in some ways. The advantage though of Hiccup was that he got to get a girl and Toothless didn't have a girl dragon.

Its a family movie, much recommended to those who are thinking of watching it. It's fun and if you are into 3D movies, you'll surely love this.

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