woohoo! i was able to pretty much accomplish part of what i was doing. i was trying to make this work website via blogger. truthfully, i didnt want to use blogger since blogger is for blogging, not for business websites, but i ended up getting angry with the other free sites. oh well. so it was nice to play around blogspot once more and found out that there are a lot of things that they added to the site. after working on it, i am now thinking of giving a new look to Fish Tank. you'll see the changes in the next couple of days, or weeks depending on how busy i am with the other things that i have to do. for now, check out the blog/website that i just finished:


I still have problems with it as I cannot remember how to resize it automatically like how I do it with Fish Tank, and how I can get rid of the blog post footer. the one with the "Atom" or anything that looks odd on the pages. I just really want to change some other things in the site still, but for now, I'm pretty satisfied with this (so is my boss, thank you).

btw, i noticed earlier also that there are changes with the blogger CSS templates that I think it isn't written as how it was before. i dunno really how you call it, but comparing it to Fish Tank's template, its pretty different.

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