Happy Happy Things


I would like to apologize for the rants that I've been making. Life isnt miserable, but sometimes, you end up taking note of the bad things.

There are wonderful things thats happening also.

(1) I found a very good service staff already on my cafe/ restaurant trips. They are from a small cafe on the 4th floor of the Galleria called, Ms. Polly's. She was able to convince me to order some cake, though I was starving myself (aka diet). She was really courteous also and was serving us properly. I would like to commend her.

(2) Spring Festival at The ShangriLa until I dont know when. I shouldve watched it last Saturday instead of getting bored and looking for other things to do. movies were interesting, I just cant remember what were the ones i liked to watch. will watch as soon as i can

(3) there's a mini-park two blocks from me. beside the park are coffee shops and a gelato place. awesome! too bad i was jogging that time. where i live is a business district, and even residential condominiums had offices. in each building, there's a food place. when u jog around food places, thats meant for you to only think of food. what is worse is when u pass by the pandesal place and smell fresh pandesal at 4 in the afternoon. how good is that? i love this place!

(4) we went to Tagaytay and found this site:

how exciting! we'll see a house here in hopefully three years. yay!

(5) i am a bum who has 3 jobs right now. awesome!

There are things that make u love life a lot, things that make u cherish and enjoy each thing that happens also. I am slowly finding mine thank God! hope u find ur good vibes too.

-fish tank-

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