TRH: Talking Random Here

Browser and I were tweeting about going back to archives trying to dig up when was the first time I showed up to comment on his blog or something. I said early 2007, coz thats when I had my macbook, and thats when I became an active blogger again (Again, since I had a blog site on blogger and friendster before this) actually, that's around the time that The Fish Tank blog was born. Wait, actually Fish Tank blog was born late 2006 but not became too active until early 07. if you look back on archives, I think Fish Tank was hyperactive around that time (hyperactive just like me right now).

I'm wide awake. I feel like falling asleep but I dont want to because I'm afraid I'll miss something or I'll forget doing something. I hate that feeling. I hate that feeling also that when I dug up some more junk, I found that I almost left my only living watch that I've not used in a long time. WTF? I almost left my Technomarine!!!

I hate this feeling also. I have runny nose. I never felt like sick or anything. I think whatever my eyes dont want to show, it was going to my nose. sick.

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