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End of the year movie review

(1) Watchmen- best adaptation. Minus the love making scene's background (scene would’ve been better if it kept the same background as that of the graphic novel) and the giant squid, Watchmen has got to be the best graphic novel adaptation for this year.

(2) I Love You, Man- there are a couple of comedies that I did enjoy but this one stands out. Not only because of Paul Rudd, but because it was the man love movie that a girl like me liked a lot.

(3) Star Trek- I don’t know anyone who didn't like this movie, and I too liked it. Out of the sci-fi franchises released this year, and the last couple of years maybe, Star Trek has got to be the stand out when it comes to the round about of elements you want in a movie. I still call it “like eating buffet, you get what you want.”

(4) The Men Who Stare at Goats- I liked this movie for the simple reason that it didn't try hard to be funny, it was already funny the way it is. Though wait a second? Is it just the funny that makes it stand out? Nope. it was the mystery of the validity that this movie is establishing. US Army and ESP don't match at times, but it was like flower power over again and LSD, plus Barney's song for torture.

(5) Paranormal Activity- besides the gross old lady scene in Drag Me
To Hell, Paranormal Activity is the scary that delivers scary. There's something with reality and handheld cameras that we bite to that we fall into that path of fear when it starts rolling some scary shots. It was actually kind of not scary at first, like telling u a story of Rumplestiltskin. But it picks up when the girl meets the elf and then he promises to help her in exchange of her first born. But when he starts harassing her, you know it was scary and she is in deep trouble. Add to that that she might be cursed with a radar that the elf gets her detected anywhere she is. Unfortunately, paranormal activity's story does sound like that but in a scarier way.

(6) 500 Days of Summer- another movie that made most people who liked it cry, but throughout the movie I was laughing. It's the movie about my life that I never expected anyone to explain it to me in that way. Really.

(7) Ponyo- the joy of old school animation comes to the big screen with Ponyo. It was the joy of seeing cartoons but not with a classic feel to the story that kids will understand right away. I think kids will end up scratching their heads thinking what the story is really about.

(8) Public Enemies- it was the greatest candy of warfare, or something like that, this year. I'm not a guns person, but this movie tells you that beneath guns and crossfire are the emotions and life of people behind it.

(9) Avatar- a movie that I still can't figure out how to express my feelings about it. I liked the whole digital imagery, graphics, what not. Story wise it is a little basic yet different. It's weird to explain it that way really but that's how it is. I like the movie element still to make it to my list.

(10) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- I’ve always enjoyed watching Harry Potter movies, yet this will be special. If not for this movie, I wouldn’t have the motivation to start reading Harry Potter. At last! That’s I guess my gauge on how good this movie was.

Special mentions
(1) The Fantastic Mr. Fox- characterization was surreal.
(2) Inglorious Basterds- Cast= check! Story= check! Fun= check!
(3) District 9- those shrimps….
(4) A Serious Man- It still makes me wonder, and be curious about the Jewish way of life
(5) Duplicity- owe it to my affinity to Tony Gilroy and Clive Owen (even The International is on debate).

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One Little Seedling said...

Finall saw Paranormal Activity. I have to say, Paranormal is one of the best uses of low budget filmmaking. It's also the only decent horror film since The Grudge. Really creepy.

Atul said...

Hie, fish tank will be a nice movie i guess, i am excited to watch fish tank movie and that too after a long time. You have written a nice blog as well.

m a r g e said...

@Seed: I'd like to see it again now after knowing whats true about this movie. hihihi! i will watch Avatar again!!! on 3D. i was looking for iMax but its too far from me.