I know my mom would hate this posted up here, but i just want to write it down because for me, i know im right in thinking this way.

Club moderators are part of the school system. 80% of club moderators are teachers for regular academic subjects also. Now, teachers usually have bulletins given to them, or regular meetings that tell them what activities are happening around a certain period. These things are given to them in advance. When teachers are tenured, they get to that routine and note down the common events that are happening in a calendar year.

These things happened in my private school before, where I went to school for 11 years. I am sure its the same thing, if not supposedly better, in my brother's school which is a private school also.

As club members, it is the duty of the student to inform the teachers if there is any conflict in their schedule with club meetings. If in any case you were not able to tell them ahead of time, club moderators are to me, usually approachable, that you can go to them and tell them politely, "I'm sorry I was out the last time because there was an event for my section." Period. That's it. No if's, but's, whatsoever. That stops there. The usual reaction I get before was "oh yes, I've heard." or a smile. I don't know with other teachers, but I had a pretty good experience I guess.

And mom, I have not changed for the worst, I think. I only want to speak out what I'm thinking. I don't think it is wrong to tell that teacher that whatever he does that is improper is really improper. Someone gets reprimanded whenever needed, but not when it is pointless or without merit. and Art class? Art should be enjoyed, not feared. And teachers should create a way to invite students to enjoy and appreciate art and know its value to life, and not for it to just be an obligatory part of their curriculum.

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