From baby piggy bank

From baby piggy bank, originally uploaded by Margeeboo.

before i lay myself to sleep, i at last took off my work clothes and put on my jammies. i found this inside my pocket, a purple wooden butterfly from a three year old kid today from work. i smile and realize why i like what ive been doing. these little kids are such darlings that they take out the worries and the stress from your day (even if the parents of other kids are such snobs).

Baby Piggy Bank, that's what I call her right now. I started to see her in the office when she was a tiny little peanut. She was born on my birth month, and her age is the length of time ive been in the office. So i literally saw her grow up. The time she started walking, started talking, and started talking clearly. Then just recently she went to the office and told my coworker that she was a piggy bank because she swallowed a penny. oh how cute that was when she said that! and today she graced my day by jumping up and down the hallway, excited to see us, and then she was brave to take her needle, though she cried a bit. she said goodbye still and asked her grandma, "could i wash my hands?" after seeing the sink. awww... how cute.

there are other kids who are darlings like her. there are boys and girls who give you hugs, even teenage boys who give you a hug after they get their vaccines. little girls who want to stay with you and "help" you out with your work, or adolescents who just tickle your funny bones by telling you some silly story or two. and how can i forget those moms who tell me im calm, or who tell their kids, "look at Ms. Margaux, she's still smiling right now." or those who understand and defend you with your work without asking them too. I thank God I've met them all. =D

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One Little Seedling said...

You'd make a great nurse. That would be a great profession for you... especially with your sleep problems. Heh.

Seriously though, I think you should look into it.

m a r g e said...

thanks Seed. and thanks for noting my sleep problems. my sleep problem's also good for lawyers, but thats out of the question right now. =D